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Women’s Empowerment Day Initiated, Substance Abuse Treatment Program Provides Alcohol Rehab Treatment for Young Adult Women at 120 MPH

More info… As part of its alcohol rehab and substance abuse treatment, Sober College has recently introduced a Women’s Empowerment Day. Surprisingly it is the brainchild of a man named Brian Brekke, Operations Director of the facility. A licensed addictions counselor and a member of… Continue reading

Inspiring Drug Rehab Video Gives Hope

More info… Like most drug addictions, there are many barriers to overcome to achieve complete sobriety. Read the full story at Executive Drug Rehabs rehabs

ProRehab Tells The Truth About Stretching Before Exercise And Injuries

More info… Multiple research studies show that stretching before physical activity alone does not help prevent injury. ProRehab physical therapists are the best choice for patient education and outcomes because they use the latest scientific evidence, rather than myths couched as conventional wisdom. Read the… Continue reading

Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Rehab Websites Launched

More info… In this festive season, few people want to think about alcohol abuse. Just pour another drink and forget about it. But statistics show that alcohol abuse in major countries is affecting an increasing number of people. Read the full story at Executive… Continue reading

The Recovery Place Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center Has Launched a New Website:

More info… The Recovery Place is a drug rehab and alcohol treatment center that understands the complexities of alcohol and drug addiction and treats it as a disease that affects everyone differently. To properly treat an individuals addiction it is imperative to take a client-centered… Continue reading

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